Jakub GRIGAR (MK1)
MK1 MX1 
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Total rows: 52
RacedateFinal resultLast event
Copa de EspaƱa Bratislava 031/12/6914Heats1
World Championships Augsburg 202230/07/224Final
World Cup Tacen 202225/06/223Final
World Cup Krakow 202218/06/2213Semi
World Cup Prague 202211/06/226Final
Euros Liptovsky Mikulas 202228/05/2212Final
Tatra slalom Liptovsky Mikulas 202208/05/224Final
World Championships Bratislava 202125/09/217Final
World Cup Pau 202111/09/2128Semi
World Cup La Seu 202104/09/2120Semi
Olympic Games Tokyo 202129/07/212Final
World Cup Markkleeberg 202119/06/211Final
World Cup Prague 202112/06/216Final
Euros Ivrea 202108/05/2134Semi
Euros Ivrea 202108/05/2134Semi
Euros Ivrea 202108/05/2134Semi
Australian Open Penrith 202021/02/20Heats2
Olympic test event Tokyo 201927/10/1913Semi
World Championships La Seu 201927/09/1910Final
World Cup Prague 201906/09/1913Semi
World Cup Markkleeberg 201930/08/1928Semi
ICF ranking race Prague 201903/08/1919Semi
Euros Liptovsky Mikulas 201904/07/191Final
World Cup Tacen 201928/06/199Final
World Cup Bratislava 201921/06/1936Heats2
World Cup Lee Valley 201914/06/1932Semi
Euros Pau 201931/05/1923Heats2
Pyrenees Cup La Seu 201913/04/199Final
Pyrenees Cup Pau 201906/04/1937Semi
Oceania Championships Penrith 201923/02/192Final
Australian Open Penrith 201916/02/1915Semi
World Championships Deodoro, Rio 201829/09/1817Semi
World Cup La Seu 201808/09/1815Semi
World Cup Tacen 201831/08/1811Heats2
Euros Bratislava 201818/08/182Final
World Championships Ivrea 201821/07/187Final
World Cup Augsburg 201807/07/1815Semi
World Cup Krakow 201830/06/1821Semi
World Cup Liptovsky Mikulas 201823/06/1814Semi
Euros Prague 201802/06/1828Semi
Euros Prague 201802/06/1828Semi
Euros Prague 201802/06/1828Semi
World Championships Pau 201729/10/1716Semi
World Cup La Seu 201709/09/1722Semi
World Cup Ivrea 201702/09/175Final
World Championships Bratislava 201719/07/171Final
World Cup Markkleeberg 201701/07/1734Semi
World Cup Augsburg 201724/06/1710Final
World Cup Prague 201717/06/1710Final
Euros Tacen 201703/06/178Final
Olympic Games Deodoro, Rio 201609/08/165Final
World Championships Lee Valley 201518/09/1521Heats1